"If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, you must be the one to write it." - Toni Morrison

TV Spec Scripts

RICK AND MORTY - Medusa, Youdusa ©

A WGA Registered Spec Script of the Adult Swim Show.

Rick's old enemy comes back to haunt him by posing as Summer's boyfriend.

HUGE IN FRANCE - Episode 9 ©

A WGA Registered Spec Script of the Netflix Show.

Gad has trouble choosing between his career and family and struggles with understanding America and his uneven fame.

Feature-Length Screenplays

Warm Walkings ©

Parodies 80s sports movies.

A redemption story about father-son relationships, competition and fragile masculinity.


Improv! - WGA Registered

Seinfelds - WGA Registered

Super Silly Sketch - WGA Registered

Suicide Pew Pew - WGA Registered

Sperm Afterlife - WGA Registered

Joe Bananas - WGA Registered

Routine - WGA Registered

Pee Pressure - WGA Registered

Outerspace Slap - WGA Registered

Shoe In - WGA Registered

Globe - WGA Registered

Yawn Man - WGA Registered

Slapstick! - WGA Registered


AND over 100 Non-Registered Sketches.


Published by Forge & Flint


Daylight - link

Winter Waltz - link

Thanking Jazz - link



But I Know

I'm So F*cking Sensitive

Minus You

Silly Moon

Be A Friend

A Time That Never Was

Hey Life! (You Can Suck My Butt)

Good at Crying


Security is Overrated

I Want to Take A Nap

Lonesome Truth

Like A Normal Human Being

By My Side

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© 2019 by Mick Cohen-Carroll

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