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Pardon My American

The Franco-American hero throws his first dinner party for his new American friends. Through the eyes of a “cultural analyst” narrator, who gives us a humorous play by play analysis of all his cultural faux pas, the hero redoes this evening, thanks to the magical powers of his guardian angel narrator, until he “gets it right”. The pilot explores society through the lens of French-American biculturalism and gives a glimpse into how these two cultures can clash.



Selected for the Georgia Shorts Film Festival and the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival

Semi-Finalist for the Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition (TV Pilot)

Quarter-Finalist for Your Script Produced

General Late Night Packet

This talk show portfolio combines jokes, sketches, semi-scripted field pieces and various other comedy pieces. The goal is to send it to talent agents and become a writer for shows such The Late Show, Late Night, Last Week Tonight and more.


BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: "The Little Crying Boy"

A WGA Registered Spec Script of the NBC Show.

Captain Holt and Jake argue over a case that involves an art painting and try to outwit each other. The rest of the squad deal with a new robot helper, Mister Doomuch, that they fear might take their jobs. Written for Michael McCarthy's spec class at The Comedy Lab at iO Theater Chicago.

RICK AND MORTY: "Medusa, Youdusa"

A WGA Registered Spec Script of the Adult Swim Show.

Rick's old enemy, Medusa, comes back to haunt him by coming back as a jellyfish and posing as Summer's new "alternative" boyfriend. Written for a Second City Spec Class taught by Caitlin Kunkel.

HUGE IN FRANCE: "Episode 9"

A WGA Registered Spec Script of the Netflix Show.

Gad can't choose between his career and family. He struggles with understanding America and his uneven fame.






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"If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, you must be the one to write it." - Toni Morrison

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