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The Team:


Mick the Writer

Screenwriting & Articles


Mick the Performer

Comedy Projects & Voice 


Mick the Musician

Pinky Swear & Jazz Manouche

"We work well together and get along great" - the Micks

Quick Facts:

1. I am American and French and grew up in the Paris area. (yes, I have been up the Eiffel Tower)

2. My favorite thing to cook is chocolate fondant

3. In middle school, I scored against a goalkeeper who would go on to play for AC Milan

4. My grandparents are from Tunisia (I'll give you a gold star if you can find it on a map)

5. I did West African dancing for a couple years

6. Mick Napier once gave me $30 for making him laugh 

7. My favorite review came from a 94 year old Irish man

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