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Give Me 5 Winner (Solo Show Competition)​

"Funniest in Class"  by Mick Napier

Finalist of CWR Pitch Contest

Top 6% in Coverfly (TV Pilots)

Fringe Pick N Mix 2020

Finalist for Lit Laughs Comedy Festival

Film Festivals

Lift Off Network

Atlanta Comedy Festival

Georgia Shorts Festival

Big Apple Film Festival

CineAsian Films


Me Talking, Mostly


Me Talking, Mostly is a solo show I wrote, directed, produced and performed about the absurd nature of laughter and performance. 


After its debut at one of Second City's studio theaters in Chicago, I took it on tour to the PiT in NYC, the Spoken Word in Paris and finally the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Check out the show website here !​

PRESS: “Real comedic gold [...] fresh, intelligent and beguiling act” - Mumble Theatre

"Probably the most memorable performance of my Fringe stay." - Vinci’s Pick

​Late Night With Mick

My own late night show creation during lockdown (seven 30-minute episodes)

I wrote monologues, jokes, sketches and desk pieces and then performed it all, did video/audio editing and graphics. A great learning experience!

Why Am I Not Enlightened Yet?

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Pinky Swear

Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 11.46.16 PM.png

I'm half of a comedic guitar duo called Pinky Swear! Click here for our website.

We have two albums out and a lived comedy special filmed at Second City.


Original TV Pilots

Pardon My American 

Logline: A French man struggles to make inroads into American society with his many faux-pas.

Genre: Absurd Tragicomedy

Comps: Catastrophe, Ted Lasso, Review

Comrade Freud

Logline: In this hilarious mishandling of History set in 1913 Vienna, Sigmund Freud psychoanalyzes Vladimir Lenin to try to prove his own theories correct, inadvertently leading to the Russian Revolution.

Genre: Witty Comedic Historical Fiction

Comps: The Great, What We Do in the Shadows, Drunk History

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